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New job...

Well I'm in full swing at my new job taking CATV trouble shooting calls...man its scary! I never thought taking calls in a call centre environment would ever affect me again since i had been doing it almost 4yrs prior to this but DAMN it was freaky! And it still is!

But it's still cool to know that people are actually thanking me when I get off the phone and most of the time meaning it :) I miss some of the people I used to work with though...Cogeco is great and all but there's just some people I would rather work with and they're from pizza pizza :(

I know there was more...but I can't write anymore, I have to go out for a bit :)

Catch everyone later!
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hmmm well training is going well, today I did what I haven't done in a long time...went all out on dinner and bought a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub from subway....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that is GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD STUFF!!!!! man did I ever miss it!

but anyways its time to find some food for dinner :D
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Cogeco :D

hehe where should I start? well first off Cogeco rocks as an employer so far :)

Their social club is teh awesome, they have like 5 events planned for the next like month and a half :) We get 10% off Boston Pizza dine in orders rock on! Certain other places I get a discount too, I'd have to check it out.

Next week I get my Mugshot Badge LOL It seems that everyone that we needed to be setup in the system correctly was on vacation. so some make shift person came and took our mugshots :)

Cogeco uses a BBX-like system, so I'm in love with the software they use :) Umm we learned how to book an install for basic cable on Friday :P I"m doing VERY good on the tests they're giving us.

Done Week 1 of 12 of training...we move onto cable theory next week...can't wait! I already know a lot about Coaxial Cable!

I'm also now known as "the pizza pizza guy" in the class LOL!

More on this story as it develops.
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errr...ok NOW I'm nervous...

Yeah...there comes a time in everyone's li9fe where they have to start a new job or 2...that time for me is now O_o I don't like the idea of starting an entirely new job all of a sudden cause holy crap I'm scared...

I'll update everyone when I get home but DAMN I'm scared :( (well more nervous than scared I guess)
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Cars and bills...

So today it begins...I'm looking to get dead-set on a car model, I'm not picky (but the darn thing has to be less than 6yrs old....I want SOME length of time to drive the car before it starts to fall apart and I'm driving just the chassis down the highway screaming at the jack ass that just cut me off cause I forgot to bring my horn with me that day :P

And I'm here to complain that bills suck ass :P I'm gonna look into maybe getting a house or something...need to get productive with my life! (which means no more spending piles of cash on my computer :))

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When on earth did ALL companies (espedcially public transit)? Last night I was in toronto, simple open and close day: HSR was late, GO was late, TTC was on time, and the reverse...well lets say was a disaster.

So I left the Danforth and Victoria Park area about 9:55 or so...got to Union at about 10:30...just missed a bus. So I got my ticket, waited for the next Lakeshore Train service, which was scheduled to depart at 10:43pm. That left on time.

We got ONE stop down the line (the Toronto Exhibition), then we hear from the conductor that there is police activity on the tracks and we expect to have a short delay. So after 4 more announcements of this, and almost an hour later, we hear that we're going back to Union Station.

So, they haven't figured out how long it'll be so I decide to wait it out and get on the next Hamilton Express. We get there, the dude on the bus FREAKS on 2 people in front of me who had SIMPLE questions. Mine was even MORE simple: because of the delays, is GO Transit going to help out those of us who live far from the Go station and don't want to pay 20 dollars for a cab ride?

The driver lost it on me, he had the 3 people (including me) AND several passengers already on the bus asking him to calm down. Then the GO Transit arranged for 1 last Westbount train (after the track was clear). So before I got on that, I asked the ppl selling the tickets if they were gonna do anything about this and they said it was my fault for not giving myself enough time to get home in time for a connecting bus.

Well, getting on any bus after 10:45 would have gotten me home in time for AT LEAST 8 buses...so I had to get my friend that works for my head office to leave work early to get a ride home last night :(

So a trip that SHOULD have only been an hour and 45 mins...to 2hrs TOPS, took over 5hrs =\ I spent an hour on the phone with GO today and they're asking me to go back to Union to file a complaint...thats gonna cost me even MORE money >_<

So I'm gonna call tomorrow before I go into work...see if I can get anywhere tomorrow since today nobody was being helpful :(
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Hmmm new details of the Wii continue coming out each and every week :)

They have announced that the Wii will debut UNDER $250 USD (prolly 249.99 USD :P),

The Wii has a Light Gun!!!

http://www.gizmowatch.com/images/zapper_.jpg << YAY!

Online Play?!
Whats that Xbox and Xbox 360 owners, don't have a credit card or the extra cash to drop on Xbox Live? Oh thats too bad, no online play for YOU! Dropped the cash on a Nintendo Wii, and have an internet connection and either the Nintendo DS Wireless Access Point USB Key or a Wireless Router (Wireless-G is suggested :P)? Well then, pop in your online capable Nintendo Wii game and get your game on! Nintendo has announced that online play will be provided (as with the DS) free of charge :) Now i know why I never abandoned Nintendo :)

I think nintendo will have redeemed themselves with the Nintendo Wii :) I am really liking what I am seeing as of now, and I'm sure until they release the unit they'll give a bit more information out :) (I'm sure there was more to this but I can't remember right now...LOL!)
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you know, you'd think that 2 weeks off of the phone would make me happy since my last post...I'm still feeling down...still about women cause they annoy me and push me away no matter what I offer to them...would women just enjoy me better if I were gay?

Seriously, they're either not interested, tell me they aren't ready for a relationship, or ignore me completely (there's probably other reasons but I don't wanna think of them right now, and people know who they are cause they've said it relatively recently...)...uggg I'm about to give up on everything and just live alone...it's prolly easier :(

I'm gonna go somewhere quiet and think for a bit, I'm gonna have my cell, if someone wants me I'm on txt there...I guess :(
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You know...I don't know why I can't be happy. A lot of things that used to make me happy just bug me now...it seems whenever I think I'm getting close to someone it's all in my head and that person just moves further away :(

I have horrible luck with a lot of aspects of life, I can't just go to work and be happy like everyone else...no I have to be the biggest most grumpy person at work...a lot of people see it and I can't fix it...I can't fix my horrific luck no matter how hard I try.

Why can't I just be HAPPY like so many other people...when others are happy why can't I be happy for them?

There we go, I've gone and upset myself again...gonna head off and be alone...seems thats all I'm good at :(
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Summer is always a good time for change!

Well, it is that time....even though it's not officially summer yet, it's warm enough out there that it should very well be summer. So, I sat down the other day and thought to myself, I should make a list of things I want to get done by the time 2006 is done. The list is as follows

1) Re-new Health Card (since I kept forgetting to do so before it expired) (completed June 14 2006)
2) Fix teeth (for those of you that don't notice, I have horrible dental hygene and I wanna change this since I know it's one of my flaws)
3) Get my G2 and eventually my full G (for non-ontario drivers we have a graduated license system, G1 is your Learners Permit, G2 is the "holy crap I can drive alone but not on the highway" permit, and G is the "crap get off the street I'm allowed to drive without restriction" license).
4) Get a car (yay!)
5) Get a new job
6) Get out of debt (for the most part anyways...)
7) (This Space For Rent, if you would like to rent this space you may send me an email and get my paypal address, cost varies!)
8) Upgrade my computer (yes...AGAIN!)
9) Upgrade my laptop (yay new laptop parts...apparently MSI and ASUS are going to be selling Laptop parts)
10) Shake this darn cough that I've had for a month!

Now...as of today (being June 14 2006) I have paid off about half of what I have borrowed for my Mohawk College education, and I have gotten my health card re-newed ...I'm going to start shopping around for decent car insurance prices around here and I'm going to also look for a car since all I need to do for my G2 is get comfortable with driving and score someone to lemme borrow their car so I can go take my road test...anyhow I'm off to call the Burlington Transit to find out the most efficient route to get from my city to the other end of Burlington!
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