brorjace (brorjace) wrote,

Slow...but Internet :P

Well, I spend a lot of time waiting for GO Trains and such so I decided to look up something I heard in the rumour mill when iPhone 3G was just a twinkle in Rogers' eye.

So...found a fantastic way to use SLOW 3G network traffic via an Ad-Hoc network on my laptop :) So, I write this to you as I pull into I think Clarkson GO Station...

Another fun fact about my iPhone is that since I can't buy something and leave it alone and have it work the way the manufacturer intended I have to change things, mod it, do what I can to make it BETTER , I Jailbroke my iPhone :D So now I have some pretty little applications that aren't out for the AppStore I can also skin my phone, all for free :D

So anyways, I have a kick ass Leopard skin on there right now (I'll post a link when I get home on REAL internet). There's nothing like semi voiding your warranty by Jailbreaking your phone and making it customizable. Like take for instance my Service Provider name, normally it displays a very boring "ROGERS" logo up near the Signal Strength and Network Type (Nothing, Edge, and 3G) I changed it to their TRUE Identity: ROBBERS :D Yes I'm a geek :P

On a completely unrelated note, since I rock, I got the top quality scores for my department :) What does this mean? It means Mike gets a free dinner care of Cogeco :D (and a more or less free trip home ^_^)

Anyone wanna be my date for my Christmas Party at work? You get to watch my co-workers get drunk and make complete asses of themselves in front of our bosses! (and maybe we won't have a grade 5 magic show :P)

And one last thing, if I go missing for hours on end, please don't hate me! I got back into playing World of I'm addicted :P

I'm sure there was other things I wanted to write in here but maybe not :P I don't know...Wendy's Spam Burgers make me sleepy :P
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