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So it's been like forever since I posted on here...but I need to make it quick cause my food is getting cold :P

But anyways, other than a few minor things left in Hamilton (such as 2 parts of my shelving unit >_< which is kind of needed because well...anything that you buy from IKEA is good and all, but if you're missing like 2 shelves out of 4 then it's not going to stay standing for long and you're going to get a big mess on your hands :P)

I'm LOVING it here!!!! It feels good to be able to tell someone where you live and not have them mock you for it :)

I'm getting used to living in Toronto, I still need to head back to Hamilton tomorrow for a few hours to pick up some random things and get my wireless card for my 360 off my mom w00t wireless inet on my xbox :P

One thing that is nice, it's almost November. Why is this nice you ask? Well, for one thing the numbers for last year's fiscal period at COGECO will be released, this means: Raise + Annual Bonus for me :) And there is a rumour (why does this not look spelled right?) at work that my department is going to be mixing things up a bit. Network Security calls are going to be stripped from over half of the call centre (YAY!!!!!!!!!! no more idiots taking precious net sec calls :P) and the 2nd thing thats going on is there is a possibility that if I stick with INET/VOIP calls I will not only get my first raise that I would normally be getting but I might be getting a second raise as well :D YAY go me!!

Now, in terms of working in Toronto, I'm still tempted to apply as a CSR or Catering Rep at Pizza Pizza, even though I still didn't like my job in Hamilton but I think thats because I over worked myself and I have a better training in customer service now that I've worked for COGECO.

Anyways this was supposed to be short and sweet, if I get a chance to I'll write more later or something but I need top go eat my food mmmm burgers!!!!!!!! (with approx 100% beef...considering BK is so iffy sometimes with food :P)

oh hey one more thing, if anyone loves Butterfingers and wants a quick semi-light snacks, not sure if all Zellers does this but the Shopper's World Zellers (VP/Danforth-ish) has a box of like 6 of them (they're little stick thingies kind of like those rolled up wafer things you can get in those X-mas tins) for 1.00!!!!! YAY for cheap consumable food :P

Anyways I'm out!

P.S. anyone with my cell should try to get in touch with me soon since this week sometime I'm going to bug Rogers and change over my cell phone so I'm not charged long distance any time I want to call my Toronto town house when in the city :P

P.P.S and on the previous note, no I don't know what my phone number here is...don't really use the home phone all that much because I <3 my iPhone :P I has an Autobots theme for it now :P
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