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YAY it's here!!!!

What's here you might ask? the GOOGLE Web Browser :D Code named "Chrome", this browser brings the best of Web 2.0 to our finger tips (mouse pointers? :P). Instead of taking a set of base code and improving on it to become compatible with today's web usage, Google designed it to be Web 2.0 compatible from the get go!

You can get it here:
Price: Well, keeping with the Google price tag for most things (if not all?) that they offer: FREE :D
Status: Still Beta :P

I am writing this journal entry on it,it's a slick browser and speedy too! Uses like 1/3 of the memory of Firefox (oh Firefox, you will be missed, I think you have been replaced by Chrome...FF portable is here until Google Chrome Portable can replace it :P) and IE7 (sadly MS has released Beta 2 of IE8...most likely designed to crash whatever is on the PC :P)

I used to have the link to it but there was a comic on the Google blog that was kinda neat that outlined the inner workings of the browser. Since I'm lazy I will look it up later :P
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