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grrrrrrrrr why do my damn roommate's cats friggin HATE ME!?

In the past 2 yrs (approx) I have had 4, count them FOUR different pairs of headphones. My roommate's one cat goes out of his way to pull only my headphones off the table or my desk or whatever surface they are on and chew them.

What happens to the headphones? Well they're chewed in SEVERAL places severing a wire so I can't use them.

Who's fault does it ultimately end up being? Of course...I'm put to blame on this -_- His excuse: you shouldn't leave them laying around. When my headphones are wound up so they are smaller than my wallet and placed UNDER my damn wallet and STILL pulled off the table (WITH MY WALLET) how am I leaving them fucking laying around? They have gone into my room and pulled them off my damn desk before.

He leaves his DANGLING off of the table and they're LEFT ALONE. His excuse here is: no I don't and your's are new, they go after new stuff. I doubt this, since when he got his Sony Ericsson headset, same as when I got mine, and when he got his LG headset they were left hanging off the table on COUNTLESS occasions...and ALL THREE headsets are still in 1 piece not even attempted to be eaten by a cat. Why can't I use one of these you ask? Well then...if I wanted to tape the iPhone to my shoulder I could because these headsets have decent ear buds however the cord is designed to be plugged into a little dongle which is like 2 feet in length making the actual headphone length like MAYBE 6 inches from jack to left ear piece.

Who has to replace this? No not the cat in the last 2 yrs I've spent somewhere in the range of 100 dollars on head phones, and because of the recessed design of the head phone jack I *have* to buy either OFFICIAL (expensive) Apple headphones or buy like 20 pairs of headphones so I will eventually find a pair that fit in the jack.

So now I have to find time to go into my bank this week, SOMEHOW whore up 35 fucking dollars and buy new headphones. MY PHONE ISN'T EVEN A FUCKING MONTH OLD -_-

Now that being said, how do I know they specifically go after MY headsets? Well lets see, theres probably a good 20 feet of a mix of coax cable, RCA cables, and Component cables behind my tv...they have yet to be touched. The nunchuck of the Wii-mote hangs off of the table from time to time (also a white device so the idea that "he did it cause it's a white cable" is out the window) and that hasn't been touched, lets see...oh when I bought my sony phone DAY 1 one of the cats chewed through the cable of my charger...he again blames me leaving it plugged in where the cats can get to. HOW MANY APARTMENTS HAVE AC OUTLETS 10 FEET UP ON THE WALL?!!??! But yet he can leave his shit plugged into that SAME outlet and the cats will leave it alone. Where is that charger? Its in the garbage. Who was said that if they wanted it they would have to replace it? Well of course, NOT my roommate, it would have to be me footing the bill, YET AGAIN for the charger. The charger was again this kills the whole "well the cables were white...and if the charger was white maybe its a thing for white cables/thing" theory.

People ask me why I have no money? Well its because half of the time I'm replacing things of mine that get broken -_-

Well I'm off to work...another fucking 2 weeks without my music...oh then that means I have a 400 dollar TELEPHONE!!!!!
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