brorjace (brorjace) wrote,

A few thoughts for today...

Well the first things on the list of thoughts are that I think I'm becoming an apple fanboy :P Right now I am typing this entry on my laptop using Apple's Safari browser (and spelling things HORRIBLY) firstly I'm enjoying the browser thus far, takes a bit to load but I think thats just Vista being a pain in my ASS!!!

Secondly, IT is coming next weekend!!! I soooo want an iPhone, they are sexy devices :P

Now, the last 2 things I want to touch base on are things that everyone should be aware of. The Canadian Government is trying to put through a law that basically makes ALL non-DRM music against it at

The last thing is something good for all people using a carrier like Telus, Rogers, or Bell...its Bill C555, which is the wireless fairness act, click this link to vote against it:

I think thats it for tonight....
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