brorjace (brorjace) wrote,

So, Friday was Wonderland day for me and 3 friends. We decided that when we get there that we will go on the Behmoth ride (that new tall scary lookin one), so 4 of us enter the park one person decides she doesn't want to go on it, which is cool. So they have a line for single riders, I enter this line and get ushered to the platform....

I went for the middle car cause that seemed about the safest, but the employees had another idea for me, they ushered me to the FRONT of the cars...holy crap! LOL That was the single scariest point of my life I think LOL!!! But I survived and it was scary but fun lol nothing like hanging 240 feet in the air at a 75 egree angle with nothing but a lap restraint holding you in.
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