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The joys of having Rogers as a Cell Phone provider just get better each passing moment.

Firstly, they were charging me WRONG for 15 know what I get: oh, I'm sorry

Secondly, they're accusing me of making calls to Wichita...where the HELL is that and WHY is it being charged to my account 16 times while I'm working? For that matter, I know a total of 0 people in that city/town/village/street(??)/villa....and on that note I have UNLIMITED FREE LONG DISTANCE at home, why would I use my Cell to call it? Oh and another fun fact...they said I must have accidentally called the number...well that's possible if the following weren't also true: 1) Its a slider phone and its ALWAYS closed and on my desk at work, 2) Being that its a slider phone the numbers are recessed into the unit making it hard to press them with my Nintendo thumbs even when I'm TRYING to press them (damn typos :P), and 3) How would I accidentally call the SAME number 17 times in total (would have had to call it at least once and have it in my call records on my phone for their other theory of "maybe you hit the shoulder button for the quick calls menu" to work and it would have to have been the LAST call made or received so their theories are out the window.

Thirdly, voice mail. Now lets pretend (and I said pretend -_- this isn't my password so don't even try it!) my home and wireless voice mail passwords are BOTH 1111, now being that they are 2 separate mail boxes, how would my home (on Cogeco) password WORK but my wireless one (Rogers) NOT work? The accusation of Rogers today is: maybe your phone is sending the wrong tone when you press certain numbers. Well wouldn't that make me making REAL phone calls a problem too?'d figure wouldn't you? However Rogers doesn't have a brain so lets continue. On April 10 I reset my voice mail password...I missed 2 calls yesterday and just today remember that they called (shhhh I have a bad memory sometimes :P) so I said "maybe there's a message" and dialed my number, put in my password..."the password 1111 is not a valid password. please try again"...EH?! so I called my home number....hit star....entered in my password... "you have no new messages" well then...problem solved, it's on the rogers end...I call...35 minutes later...their ONLY resolution is "we can re-build your voice mail box or you can bring your phone in and try your voice mail on a Rogers Loaner phone" (did I not just PROVE it wasn't my phone?). They were saying "well it MAY fix it, and if it doesn't you'll have to call back" << well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it probably won't figure it out since my phone is cross linked somehow to someone else's account (he said I was accusing Rogers of letting someone "hack" or "crack" my Cell signal...LOL!!! I *know* this isn't possible on a GSM GPRS I shot him down :D

Here's the deal:

If my phone is having a problem dialing 905 333 5343, and say the 3 and the 9 are sending bad tones to the nearest Cell Tower, then if I were to call 905 333 3333 I would have the SAME problem would I not? Well, Burlington Taxi (333 3333) gets ALL of my calls, so does Cogeco (333 5343) theory is that my numbers aren't sending the right tone, so I battle back with: that's impossible it's worked all this time and works with similar configurations of numbers, and if my phone was sending improper tones now then it would have been last week when I had the same problem, and ALL "tone" systems are IDENTICAL (the ONLY thing Bell Canada has done right...EVER), so my Rogers GSM phone sends the SAME "3" tone as a cordless VTECH phone connected to Rogers Home Phone, Cogeco Digital Phone, Bell Canada, Vonage, etc., so if my CELL was malfunctioning and sending the wrong dial tone, why can't I *also* access my voice mail from my home phone or work phones? Are you trying to tell me that 5 different phones are having the SAME malfunction?"

So...that being said, my Rogers Cell phone sends to the PSTN the SAME tones for 0-9 as my cheap POS Uniden phone from home, same as a VTECH phone given out by Rogers, same as Motorola handsets (which are EVIL...they break MTAs :( ), and so on...

If a Panasonic phone sent a proprietary tone for 8 ONLY compatible with Bell and Rogers had a slightly different dial tone for the number 8, you couldn't use that phone on Rogers' someone would OBVIOUSLY (well someone who has a brain) avoid buying this a phone made in 2007 would OBVIOUSLY want to be as compatible as possible with all GSM carriers out phone is no different than say the Motorola Q Smartphone made for a CDMA network....

OK so the Rogers network is supposedly "Canada's largest and most reliable network" that is funny...considering the ONLY way for me to Text message when I'm at home is to point it at a Window...else it fails to send (but the Rogers network STILL counts that failed message as a sent message!!!!!) their Text messaging blows)

Its funny when "Rogers" calls you up a few days after your first actual year with them and offers a crap phone as an "upgrade" to the one you have already....and then when you ask for more technical info they transfer you somewhere else to a "product specialist" because although the phone looks like ass maybe it's insides are when I said no to the phone they were offering, the Nokia 6085, and asked what phones they had...they rhymed off a few that Rogers sold nothing too weird here...but wait...a certain Tune caught my ear...he offered me an iPhone...well then...considering Rogers DECLINED Apple's contract it's not possible to have a legit iPhone on the Rogers GSM I said "yeah I think this conversation is done dude" and hung up LOL!

So that is my rant, I'm seriously pissed off with Rogers over my voice mail issue considering I PAY for the voice mail as an added "feature" (which is more of an added nuisance...that is spelled VERY wrong)
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