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Wiiii? O_o

Well...umm...*wheels the wheel chair in* Hi, I'm might remember me from such LJs as and from such chat apps as AIM....I'm here to remind you all that I'm alive and well and living in a painting at the museum of natural art."

OK dorkiness aside...I'm here...I'm back...something comes to mind...oh yeah a song from the Ghostbusters 2 sound track "We're Back" I think it's from Bobby Brown (you realize it took me 4 times to write BOBBY....yeah you can guess what I typed LOL!)....

So lets see, updates in my life...still working at the cable company (yay me?)
Still living in Downtown Hamilton...
Still just as dorky as ever, though now I own a 2nd laptop? LOL (see below?)
Still the same person...just with more computers
ummm lets see...still technically a college drop out, but I might be going back in February which kicks ass! yay me finishing college and being some like important network engineer guy.
Ummm I still have my Nintendo Wii (woohoo!) Wanna get a PS3 and an XBOX 360 for bragging rights :P

CPU: Intel Core2 DUO 2.0GHz
Memory: 2GB DDR2
Video: nVidia GO 7700 with 512MB Dedicated Memory (mmm? :))
Sound: Ummm some crappy Realtek HD Audio thing thing...
Optical Storage: 8x Super Multi DVD+/-RW Drive w/ Light Scribe (mmmm Light know the thing with the printy service on your thing things....if you don't understand as cause I can't think right now).
I can play HALO 2 on this baby this is awesome (Battlefield 2 plays perfect at FULL resolution...I'm such a nerd :P

OK I think thats all for now...any questions...comments...or concerns, please feel free to comment below....HOWEVER...please be nice, I'm fragile (actually I'm not just saying I am ;) )

(btw no I'm not supposed to be doing this at work ;) )
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