To PVR or Not To PVR, That is the question

So, I'm getting my bonus from work next week. I'm trying to decide on either of the following to buy:



Either way I get High Def, but I miss my PVR so very much! I mean if I go with regular HD, I can see if FireWire is enabled on the device and just hook a media centre up to it and capture off it, or hook up my DVD recorder but gah I miss PAUSING tv :P and then being like "screw it, I don't wanna see the commercials"

So, any thoughts? LOL I need help with this life changing question :P

OR....maybe for 6 months rent the PVR for 6 months and then make my choice then and just save some money or still pick up my Mac Mini :P
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Slow...but Internet :P

Well, I spend a lot of time waiting for GO Trains and such so I decided to look up something I heard in the rumour mill when iPhone 3G was just a twinkle in Rogers' eye.

So...found a fantastic way to use SLOW 3G network traffic via an Ad-Hoc network on my laptop :) So, I write this to you as I pull into I think Clarkson GO Station...

Another fun fact about my iPhone is that since I can't buy something and leave it alone and have it work the way the manufacturer intended I have to change things, mod it, do what I can to make it BETTER , I Jailbroke my iPhone :D So now I have some pretty little applications that aren't out for the AppStore I can also skin my phone, all for free :D

So anyways, I have a kick ass Leopard skin on there right now (I'll post a link when I get home on REAL internet). There's nothing like semi voiding your warranty by Jailbreaking your phone and making it customizable. Like take for instance my Service Provider name, normally it displays a very boring "ROGERS" logo up near the Signal Strength and Network Type (Nothing, Edge, and 3G) I changed it to their TRUE Identity: ROBBERS :D Yes I'm a geek :P

On a completely unrelated note, since I rock, I got the top quality scores for my department :) What does this mean? It means Mike gets a free dinner care of Cogeco :D (and a more or less free trip home ^_^)

Anyone wanna be my date for my Christmas Party at work? You get to watch my co-workers get drunk and make complete asses of themselves in front of our bosses! (and maybe we won't have a grade 5 magic show :P)

And one last thing, if I go missing for hours on end, please don't hate me! I got back into playing World of I'm addicted :P

I'm sure there was other things I wanted to write in here but maybe not :P I don't know...Wendy's Spam Burgers make me sleepy :P
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So it's been like forever since I posted on here...but I need to make it quick cause my food is getting cold :P

But anyways, other than a few minor things left in Hamilton (such as 2 parts of my shelving unit >_< which is kind of needed because well...anything that you buy from IKEA is good and all, but if you're missing like 2 shelves out of 4 then it's not going to stay standing for long and you're going to get a big mess on your hands :P)

I'm LOVING it here!!!! It feels good to be able to tell someone where you live and not have them mock you for it :)

I'm getting used to living in Toronto, I still need to head back to Hamilton tomorrow for a few hours to pick up some random things and get my wireless card for my 360 off my mom w00t wireless inet on my xbox :P

One thing that is nice, it's almost November. Why is this nice you ask? Well, for one thing the numbers for last year's fiscal period at COGECO will be released, this means: Raise + Annual Bonus for me :) And there is a rumour (why does this not look spelled right?) at work that my department is going to be mixing things up a bit. Network Security calls are going to be stripped from over half of the call centre (YAY!!!!!!!!!! no more idiots taking precious net sec calls :P) and the 2nd thing thats going on is there is a possibility that if I stick with INET/VOIP calls I will not only get my first raise that I would normally be getting but I might be getting a second raise as well :D YAY go me!!

Now, in terms of working in Toronto, I'm still tempted to apply as a CSR or Catering Rep at Pizza Pizza, even though I still didn't like my job in Hamilton but I think thats because I over worked myself and I have a better training in customer service now that I've worked for COGECO.

Anyways this was supposed to be short and sweet, if I get a chance to I'll write more later or something but I need top go eat my food mmmm burgers!!!!!!!! (with approx 100% beef...considering BK is so iffy sometimes with food :P)

oh hey one more thing, if anyone loves Butterfingers and wants a quick semi-light snacks, not sure if all Zellers does this but the Shopper's World Zellers (VP/Danforth-ish) has a box of like 6 of them (they're little stick thingies kind of like those rolled up wafer things you can get in those X-mas tins) for 1.00!!!!! YAY for cheap consumable food :P

Anyways I'm out!

P.S. anyone with my cell should try to get in touch with me soon since this week sometime I'm going to bug Rogers and change over my cell phone so I'm not charged long distance any time I want to call my Toronto town house when in the city :P

P.P.S and on the previous note, no I don't know what my phone number here is...don't really use the home phone all that much because I <3 my iPhone :P I has an Autobots theme for it now :P
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YAY it's here!!!!

What's here you might ask? the GOOGLE Web Browser :D Code named "Chrome", this browser brings the best of Web 2.0 to our finger tips (mouse pointers? :P). Instead of taking a set of base code and improving on it to become compatible with today's web usage, Google designed it to be Web 2.0 compatible from the get go!

You can get it here:
Price: Well, keeping with the Google price tag for most things (if not all?) that they offer: FREE :D
Status: Still Beta :P

I am writing this journal entry on it,it's a slick browser and speedy too! Uses like 1/3 of the memory of Firefox (oh Firefox, you will be missed, I think you have been replaced by Chrome...FF portable is here until Google Chrome Portable can replace it :P) and IE7 (sadly MS has released Beta 2 of IE8...most likely designed to crash whatever is on the PC :P)

I used to have the link to it but there was a comic on the Google blog that was kinda neat that outlined the inner workings of the browser. Since I'm lazy I will look it up later :P
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grrrrrrrrr why do my damn roommate's cats friggin HATE ME!?

In the past 2 yrs (approx) I have had 4, count them FOUR different pairs of headphones. My roommate's one cat goes out of his way to pull only my headphones off the table or my desk or whatever surface they are on and chew them.

What happens to the headphones? Well they're chewed in SEVERAL places severing a wire so I can't use them.

Who's fault does it ultimately end up being? Of course...I'm put to blame on this -_- His excuse: you shouldn't leave them laying around. When my headphones are wound up so they are smaller than my wallet and placed UNDER my damn wallet and STILL pulled off the table (WITH MY WALLET) how am I leaving them fucking laying around? They have gone into my room and pulled them off my damn desk before.

He leaves his DANGLING off of the table and they're LEFT ALONE. His excuse here is: no I don't and your's are new, they go after new stuff. I doubt this, since when he got his Sony Ericsson headset, same as when I got mine, and when he got his LG headset they were left hanging off the table on COUNTLESS occasions...and ALL THREE headsets are still in 1 piece not even attempted to be eaten by a cat. Why can't I use one of these you ask? Well then...if I wanted to tape the iPhone to my shoulder I could because these headsets have decent ear buds however the cord is designed to be plugged into a little dongle which is like 2 feet in length making the actual headphone length like MAYBE 6 inches from jack to left ear piece.

Who has to replace this? No not the cat in the last 2 yrs I've spent somewhere in the range of 100 dollars on head phones, and because of the recessed design of the head phone jack I *have* to buy either OFFICIAL (expensive) Apple headphones or buy like 20 pairs of headphones so I will eventually find a pair that fit in the jack.

So now I have to find time to go into my bank this week, SOMEHOW whore up 35 fucking dollars and buy new headphones. MY PHONE ISN'T EVEN A FUCKING MONTH OLD -_-

Now that being said, how do I know they specifically go after MY headsets? Well lets see, theres probably a good 20 feet of a mix of coax cable, RCA cables, and Component cables behind my tv...they have yet to be touched. The nunchuck of the Wii-mote hangs off of the table from time to time (also a white device so the idea that "he did it cause it's a white cable" is out the window) and that hasn't been touched, lets see...oh when I bought my sony phone DAY 1 one of the cats chewed through the cable of my charger...he again blames me leaving it plugged in where the cats can get to. HOW MANY APARTMENTS HAVE AC OUTLETS 10 FEET UP ON THE WALL?!!??! But yet he can leave his shit plugged into that SAME outlet and the cats will leave it alone. Where is that charger? Its in the garbage. Who was said that if they wanted it they would have to replace it? Well of course, NOT my roommate, it would have to be me footing the bill, YET AGAIN for the charger. The charger was again this kills the whole "well the cables were white...and if the charger was white maybe its a thing for white cables/thing" theory.

People ask me why I have no money? Well its because half of the time I'm replacing things of mine that get broken -_-

Well I'm off to work...another fucking 2 weeks without my music...oh then that means I have a 400 dollar TELEPHONE!!!!!
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So after several months of procrastination I got fed up with ONLY having access to my Laptop as a PC and I finally decided it was time to fix my main PC.

So there was a mysterious group/cluster of capacitors sitting around getting very very very hot, so I was thinking it was those caps causing my problem, nope, I looked further down and one of my capacitors was covered in brown burnt metals LOL

I will post a picture later on...from my iphone if I can ;)

A few thoughts for today...

Well the first things on the list of thoughts are that I think I'm becoming an apple fanboy :P Right now I am typing this entry on my laptop using Apple's Safari browser (and spelling things HORRIBLY) firstly I'm enjoying the browser thus far, takes a bit to load but I think thats just Vista being a pain in my ASS!!!

Secondly, IT is coming next weekend!!! I soooo want an iPhone, they are sexy devices :P

Now, the last 2 things I want to touch base on are things that everyone should be aware of. The Canadian Government is trying to put through a law that basically makes ALL non-DRM music against it at

The last thing is something good for all people using a carrier like Telus, Rogers, or Bell...its Bill C555, which is the wireless fairness act, click this link to vote against it:

I think thats it for tonight....

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So, Friday was Wonderland day for me and 3 friends. We decided that when we get there that we will go on the Behmoth ride (that new tall scary lookin one), so 4 of us enter the park one person decides she doesn't want to go on it, which is cool. So they have a line for single riders, I enter this line and get ushered to the platform....

I went for the middle car cause that seemed about the safest, but the employees had another idea for me, they ushered me to the FRONT of the cars...holy crap! LOL That was the single scariest point of my life I think LOL!!! But I survived and it was scary but fun lol nothing like hanging 240 feet in the air at a 75 egree angle with nothing but a lap restraint holding you in.

Cogeco vs Rogers...the ultimate PVP :)

So I was waiting for my bus to come home, and what do I see? A Rogers Cable truck drive by...and turn into the store front parking lot for Cogeco Cable.

I see it park...and I txt my roommate:
Me: dude a rogers truck is at my work
Roommie: kill it!
Me: I did, but he didn't drop any rare items :(
Roomie: did you get any honour?
Me: Yes, I got lots :)
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The joys of having Rogers as a Cell Phone provider just get better each passing moment.

Firstly, they were charging me WRONG for 15 know what I get: oh, I'm sorry

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So that is my rant, I'm seriously pissed off with Rogers over my voice mail issue considering I PAY for the voice mail as an added "feature" (which is more of an added nuisance...that is spelled VERY wrong)
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